Friday, October 12, 2012

Time to Start Business

Money is not everything but you need money for most of everything. sigh! itula hakikat zaman sekarang. mane ade benda free?? masuk jamban pon bayar tau! T_____T
Money is important in our life. Without money we are not able to live. If we would be able to live without money, why do we work? what for?? I dont believe if people work for their pleasure only. We work, spent 8 hour or more in a work, we dont like our bosses, our boring offices, but we go there everday to earn money! Off course money is not the only thing that can make us happy, but we feel secure, safe and calm with money.

tipu lah kalo ckp gaji i bulan2 tak cukup. yup, i already have a good fix monthly income but it never comfort enough because of the living cost nowadays. u just imagine if we allocate rm500 for saving every month but belum smpai hujung bulan tetiba ade emergency, need to spend some money and time tu mula la menggelabah, stress sume ade. tu belum kira bulan nak renew road tax and insurance keta, time nak raya yang confirm mmg tak dpt nak saving infact kite kena spend more than what we earn. cukup mmg la cukup tapi takat cukup mkn je la. but i need to have more for my leisure expenses as well.

worst come to worst allowance utk parent mesti potong if berdepan ngan bulan2 emergency tadi kan? kesian my mum. walaupon dia tak penah merungut sbb she's still working but i rase sgt2 bersalah bile terpaksa skip allowance for her. then bile time ade duit lebih sikit mesti beli something special for her. tapi smpai bile? i pon nak bagi fix allowance to parent, nak bwk my mum jalan2 holiday. selagi ibu bapa kite masih ada mmg patut kita happy kan diorg kan? ok tetiba rase rindu kat my mum :(((

until one day i tergerak nak contact sorg blogger yg baru 3 tahun involve ngan online business but now earn 6 figure income at my age. yes, kami sebaya. seriously really impress with her. first time met her i really fall in love with what shes doing and now i join as her business partner. yeah, finally! i dah move step ahead. i want to increase my income via side income and increase my saving via side income as well =D 

ramai yg takut nak involve ngan business sbb takde experience la, takut tak bole jual la, takut nak jumpe org la, takut ini, takut itu, sume takut. dulu i pon ade sikap negative tu but lepas jumpe mai for the 1st time i rase i bole buat. if mai bole why not me?

we really need to change the way we think, i believe once we start changing our mindset, good thing start coming to us.

for those nak generate side income utk shopping, holiday etc. pm me at or sms/whatsapp at 019-2239840 im looking for business partner!

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