Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plaster Ceiling Progress Work

dah jadi routine every weekend mesti buat spot check and quality check of the work done. 
this is how the hallway looks like after opening to kitchen area dah tutup. plaster ceiling kat hallway area completed! haa ni baru cantek =D
plaster ceiling at living area pon completed. satisfied with the works so far. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Renovation Officially Started

a week before dah byr deposit to the contractor to start work. then mintak contractor settlekan application utk renovation works. senang keja aku! expected to finish on 19/9/2012.
kenapa aku pilih Lee Contractor ni sbb dia la quote paling murah+free window tinted+free cuci rumah+free installation kipas, aircond and ape2 je nak mintak dia install. dia mmg cuba sedaya upaya squeeze the price to my bajet. yeay!! 
lain2 contractor mintak aku kurangkan scope of renovation utk fix to my bajet. ape daa korg ni. kan aku dh ckp nak buat the whole house within my bajet. skrg rezeki berpihak pada Lee. hehe
the most tricky area is yard+3rd bathroom ni sbb kena pecah and transform jadi wet kitchen. 

setakat ni sgt berpuas hati ngan housekeeping contractor ni. rumah tak bersepah2. brg2 dia tersusun rapi je.

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