Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Mystery Hotel' in Klang Valley by Groupon Malaysia

ni yg buat aku tertanye-tanye. hotel ape niiiii???????????????? 5 star hotel at rm169 per night. murah gile!! 
this is the best time nak mengada2 stay kat hotel. hehe mmg dah lame tak overnight di hotel2 sekitar kl during weekend ni sebenarnye. kalo dulu especially time merdeka or new year aku suka spend kat hotel2 sbb nak tgk fireworks. last stay rasenye 2 tahun lepas at One World Hotel, One Utama temankan my friend, kitorg shopping, gossiping kat bilik, movie, mkn2 and shopping lagi mmg best gile sbb hotel ni mmg link dgn One Utama Shopping Mall.

ok berbalik pada persoalan 'Mystery Hotel' ni, Groupon ade highlights a few things about the hotel which are:
-idyllic 5 star hotel nestled by lush greenery  and serene lake
-golf course, garden and pool view
-free-form swimming pool with poolside bar
-tee-off at award winning championship golf courses
-20-minute escape from Kuala Lumpur

20 minit from KL?? it must be somewhere around Serdang, Putrajaya, Puchong or Subang. golf course? lake view? 'this mystery hotel is a quick drive to a nearby mall spread with options of Asian and Western eateries'. 

so hotel2 yg bermain dalam fikiran aku skrg adalah: 
1) Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel
2) Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel
3) Sunway Resort Hotel
4) Putrajaya Marriot Hotel
5) Hotel Equatorial Bangi *rasenye hotel ni bukan 5 star kot
6) Putrajaya Shangri La Hotel *tp rasenye hotel ni tkde golf course and lake

How it works? Upon the ending of the deal, you will receive an email within 24 hours with the name of the 'mystery hotel' and booking details.

serious suspend yet very exciting! aku dah purchase one. tak sabar nak tau hotel ape. for those pon nak ngade2 cuti-cuti kat hotel sekitar kl, pls visit here Groupon. hehe. tinggal bape hari lagi promo ni.

korg rase hotel ape??


  1. dpt hotel mana?mcm best je.nk beli jugk le.haha

  2. groupon akan reveal bile end of the promotion. ill share later :D

  3. Has the mystery hotel name revealed?

  4. Did it meet your expectation? Like it said 5 star, bla bla bla... worth the deal tak? I saw another mysterious KL hotel by groupon 4star hotel about RM118. Macam nak cuba tapi nak tahu dulu previous encounters, berbaloi ke tak..

  5. not really. the price not incl of breakfast and its same with agoda price bila include bfast. before purchase better check rate thru agoda, roomasia etc.


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