Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Weekend Stay at Avillion Port Dickson

Booked this holiday very last minute. Not a holiday actually. Its a weekend stay! hehe
For those looking for an escape on weekend, Avillion ni memang the best choice. 
There are few types of room available which are Garden Chalet, Water Chalet, Premium Water Chalet, Beach Studio and Beach Room. Lagi hujung location bilik tu lagi mahal la rate dia.
Bilik kat Avillion ni start at RM400+ for garden chalet. We choose to stay at Premium Water Villa with price at RM900+ per night. And of course we requested the villa yang paling hujung sbb nak betul2 feel stay atas laut. hehe..
Nampak tak? Villa paling hujung memang dapat direct sea view of the Straits of Malacca. Heaven!
2 single bed and...
a day bed!

Private balcony.
Now lets tour the bathroom...

Very spacious bathroom with separate room of toilet.

Open sky shower
The amenities. Sume from Avi Spa product.
Dapat lepak and rehat sambil dengar deruan ombak sangat menenangkan. Patutnye we spent an afternoon tea at Avi Lounge at this hour tp sbb baru je sampai and perut pon tak lapar so kami just spend in the room. Fyi, if u stay at Premium Water Villa, you are entitle for free assess at Avi Lounge for afternoon tea and Evening Cocktail. Cantik tempat tu especially sunset. Nanti i will story in next entry ok!
Rugi la kalo terperap je dlm bilik ye dok? Dah byr harga premium macam ni better explore and use all the facilities provided. 

Sesi meng'hitam'kan kulit yang telah tersedia manis ni. hehe..

Avi Spa. The best spa yang i penah pegi. Will share the experience in the next entry :)

The best part is swimming pool adult and kids tak bercampur. Ni i paling suka. Yelah kalo pegi lain2 hotel kids always use adult pool or adult and kids sharing the same pool. Now i bole berendam without gangguan budak2 kecik :)
Kosong and lengang. Sukaaaa!!

Tumasek Beach. Private beach within the resort.
Another blog post to go with tons of photos of Avillion PD. Stay tune!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sky High Dining at Crystal Grill Restaurant, Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Seafood dinner available at Level 82. Sebelum pulang memang nak mkn seafood dinner ni sebab memang recomended by the hotel. The buffet price is very affordable. Tak igt price, if not mistaken dlm RM80 mcm tu. murah kan? so lets dinner sambil cuci mata tengok bangkok city!
If nak dinner sini kena book 1 day earlier at least. kami almost miss the buffet sbb decision nak dinner sini dibuat pada jam 6 petang. we insisted nak dinner sini jugak since it was our last night stay in this hotel. 
there were 2 sessions for the dinner buffet. 6pm-9pm and 9pm to 11pm. yeah kami dapat the second session 9pm tu. walaupon 9pm tapi orang memang ramai and memang takde empty seat.

sempat snap few photos je sbb tanak buang masa kena pusing satu restoran. yelah time makan 2 jam je tau! 
masuk je restoran ni kami request for window seat. 
Breathtaking view! cantek kan? ini la view tempat kami makan. 

sushi pon ada
Bismillah.. jemput tgk :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Restaurant, Level 78th

Tiga malam di Baiyoke Sky Hotel, sempat la explore 3 restoran dalam hotel ni. Baiyoke sky ni ada banyak restoran, if nak cuba semua rasanye kena spend at least 9 malam sini kot sbb ade 9 restoran dalam hotel ni :p

3 hari berturut-turut breakfast kat hotel. yelah since the buffet breakfast included with room. 
Restoran ni 360 degree accessible to the city view. 

Paling best if dapat window seat to get a closer view of Bangkok city.

Breakfast day 1 - dapat window seat!
Breakfast day 2 - window seat lagi!
Breakfast day 3 pon dapat window seat! hehe. actually kami mmg aim window seat. siap tunggu nak dpt seat ni.
ni la menu breakfast saya

lets explore ape yang ada for breakfast
variety of breads and pastries

So jemput makan!

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