Saturday, November 24, 2012


Now im a Premium Beautiful (PB) user!! Weee!! Dah lame ive been dreaming to have this corset and finally dpt own a set of corset.
Ramai mesti tertanya-tanya, why PB?? why not other brand?? actually sblm decide nak beli corset ni i dah byk buat research psl PB ni.

PB is SUPERBRAND Corset not only meant for BEAUTY but it main purpose is for HEALTH! the corset was designed for 70% health and 30% beauty.

PB corset NOT ONLY for maintain, re-shape and firm your body figure, it helps improve blood circulation and metabolism and automatically will help detoxification as it contains of FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR)Technology.

ini la rupa PB corset. it comes with 3 pieces, Long Bra, Long Girdle and Waist Nipper.

1) REDUCE Cellulite and Stretch Marks.
2) Betulkan body posture and sangat bagus untuk sakit belakang, sakit bahu and slip disc.
3) FIRM UP breast and buttocks.
4) IMPROVE respiratory system.
5) PREVENT the growth of CANCER cell.
6) PREVENT migraine and GASTRIC.
7) Helping people to CONCEIVE.
8) REGULATE period flow and ELIMINATE period pain.
9) REDUCE constipation.

the best part is the WARRANTY is LIFETIME. meaning if ade rosak or koyak bole send for FREE servis. best kan?

for those yang nak sihat and cantek, nak order and wanna know further about the product, do contact me at or whatsapp/sms at 019-2239840.


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