Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh My Swarovski!

"For more than one hundred years, Swarovski crystal has been filling people's lives with joy, fantasy and style. Swarovski jewelry pieces are individually hand-set with creatively cut crystal. Our unique designs range from timeless and classic to fashionable and modern. As an innovative company we stand for high quality craftmanship and fashionable and creative design" - Helmut Swarovski
sape minat swarovskiiiiii angkat tangannn!!! ok ok tau korg mmg sukaaa the girly girl thingy ni kan. i pon sukeeee but most of the suka beli je pkai nye jarang sekali. huk huk. time nak pindah haritu duk selongkar brg2 dlm wardrobe then suddenly jumpe la koleksi2 ni. kalo rajin mmg bole la nak beraccessories ni. tapi kalo time malas, siap pkai baju mekap sarung jam je cukup. hehe

Swarovski outlet kat Malaysia ni ade kat Mid Valley Megamall, KLCC and Pavilion je yg aku tahu. tp most of the time mmg cuci mata kat Mid Valley je paling dekat ngan my house. Kalo lalu depan swarovski ni mmg la akan singgah cuci mata T_____T dan ni la hasilnyeeee. hehe

for penggemar swarovski jewelry, lets share yours! hehe
loves pendant
circle pendant
this pierced earring to let go. sape2 berminat bole pm me. murah je RM100 incl. postage within Malaysia. SOLD! Bought at RM200+ cant remember the exact price. never use at all sbb its too big for my ear lol!
another view. seriously sgt cantek the swarovski cystal tu.

sape mau pierced earring cepat-cepat sms/whatsapp me ya 019-2239840 or 
email at

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  1. Tumpang tanya,Price range bracelet swarovski berapa ye...?


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