Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Annoying Real Estate Agents

This is serious annoying! Since rumah siap bulan April lepas i keep receiving this kind of sms. Non stop sms from annoying real estate agent asking whether i would like to sell or rent the house. ni baru sebahagian dari sms yg dah berpuluh-puluh dah delete. Not only that, some agents will call directly, not only once tapi berkali-kali smpai la kite pick up the phone. just imagine kalo time keja and meeting dpt strange no yg call berkali-kali. mmg kena maki la kalo aku angkat. huh!

haa yg ni paling best. siap tau nama aku tuuu. pfffttt!!

ni mesti keja developer jual contact details to the real estate agents kan? kalo tau la mcm ni dulu aku pkai no prepaid je utk correspondence through out the purchase process. i wish i knew this earlier.

if u plan to buy a house, beli la starter kit prepaid and use the prepaid number as your correspondence utk process jual beli rumah. bile dah dapat kunci nnti nak buang je sim kad tu pon ok. otherwise u will experience with those annoying agent. pikir-pikirkan lah..


  1. salam...bukan setakat kes ni hp kita ni pun asyik agent public mutual call, bank offer loan, prudential..naik rimas dah..salam kenal..i follow

  2. yes definitely. tp real estate agent lagi annoying. dh bgtau for own stay bole lagi tanye 'do u have any other unit to let go?' mcm @#$%&^#!! btw, salam kenal :)


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