Saturday, November 16, 2013


Untuk kali ketiga me ke Bangkok. This time cuti-cuti nak rest sambil jalan2 santai je. No more temple visit, no more factory visit. So kena stay kat hotel yg agak selesa sbb nak enjoy the stay :)

We decided to stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The tallest building in Thailand! Yebedabeduu..
This is how the tower looks like. Picture taken from the taxi while heading to the hotel. Dari jauh dah nampak. Hotel ni very well known sbb the tallest hotel in Thailand and location dia betul2 tempat tumpuan ramai.
Tip if nak stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel kena la stay at the highest level! Yes of course the rate for higher floor lagi mahal tapi bile lagi kan? heh
The lobby located at Level 20

Seee.. the highest level is at Level 83! 
The room was divided into 3 zones:
Standard Zone from Level 22 to Level 45
Sky Zone from Level 46 to Level 63
Space Zone from Level 64 to Level 74

Make sure choose for Space Zone :)
The best part is the wireless internet available kat bilik yang tinggi ni, tp at chargeable rate. For me its quite reasonable with the rate of 400baht per day. Worth it if u mmg stay in the room je otherwise bole beli prepaid je.
Weeehooo!! Me at Level 72 Space Zone room. This is the highest level room yg ada at that time. Level 74 is presidential suite time tu dah fully booked.

The room very spacious but look old. 
The furnitures look very old fashioned and outdated. lol!
The bathroom also sgt besar 
Aigner brand okeh!
View from Level 72 Space Zone room :) Untuk me yg gayat ni tak bole berdiri tepi tingkap lama2 nnti pening T____T
Complimentary cookies :)
For those yg stay at Space Zone akan dapat VIP access card. 
Another gayat view
Sepanjang in Bangkok me purchase prepaid yg paling murah, package for tourist tp internet access dlm bilik ni sgt laju eventhough at Level 72.

Now lets pusing2 hotel. Explore ape yg ade kat setiap tingkat. Pengsan!
Observation deck available at Level 77

Beside the deck, at this level also ade mini gallery showcase the thailand culture, the Baiyoke building itself and ade jual souvenir jugak.

The miniature

The swimming pool sgt la kecik. Me terpaksa batalkan hasrat nak berendam dlm pool bile tetiba sekumpulan mat saleh datang terus pool ni nampak sesak gile. Sigh! 

Massage kaki penat after jalan2
Me suka lepak kat lobby ni sbb dapat direct view since the wall is made of full glass. Even though only at Level 20, tp bole nampak Bangkok view without any obstruction. Kalo dlm bilik the glass window agak kecik and takde balcony, so tak dpt enjoy the view sgt :)

Belakang tu pon adik beradik Baiyoke Hotel jugak. If not mistaken Baiyoke Boutique Hotel nama dia. Jgn confuse. If nak merasa stay di awangan mcm me bole la try Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Satu malam for Space Zone room about RM400+. If book thru agoda agak susah nak dapat room at higher level. So better book thru their official website :)

Tepuk dada tanya badget. hehe

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